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Re: [GNU Crypto] EMSA_PSS.MGF Bug? Version 2.0.1

Hi, Marshall.

> I think you are correct, and that indeed using a '<=' is correct
> here.
> Have you tried GNU Crypto's version with that change? Does it work
> then?

I have changed version 2.0.1's source, and it works successfully.
( Trailing some bytes of the dbMask are not 0x00.)

> Also, if you have a test case for this (say, an example signature) I
> would like to add it to the test suite.

Sorry, I have no test case yet.

What do you need a set for test caese? 
private key(privateExponent, modulus, publicExponent), message and 

Thanks in advance.

NARUHITO                    mailto:naruhito@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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