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Re: [GNU Crypto] build problems

>>>>> "Anthony" == Anthony Green <green@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Anthony> Hi Casey, I'm trying to do a gcj build of GNU Crypto from cvs
Anthony> sources.

Anthony> The first problem I'm finding is that the Makefiles don't
Anthony> appear to build all the source.  For instance,
Anthony> security/javax/security/auth/DestroyFailedException.java is
Anthony> never built.

Anthony> Also, the classpath is set to point at various jar files
Anthony> during the build, but the order in which those jar files is
Anthony> built (SUBDIRS) is wrong.  For instance, you need to build
Anthony> SASL_SUBDIR before source before JCE_SUBDIR, or something
Anthony> like that.

Yeah, the gcj-friendly makefiles haven't been updated for all the
changes I've made in the sources, so it is unlikely to work. I will
probably update these this weekend.

Anthony> Finally, in the gcj world, we've taken to installing jar
Anthony> files in $(datadir)/java, and then a link to that jar file in
Anthony> $(datadir)/java/ext, so gcj will find it automatically.  Do
Anthony> you think this change would be OK?

Yes. I was going to do that when I updated the scripts, as well as
generate and install CNI headers.

Casey Marshall || csm@xxxxxxx

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