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On 9 February 2011 14:24, Mark Wielaard <mark@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-02-08 at 21:52 +0000, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
>> I assume by Mercurial 'branching', you mean what we do with IcedTea6 HEAD
>> and the releases at present, not the in-tree support? ÂBecause that's worse
>> than CVS IME.
> I don't know yet. The in-tree support was bad pre-1.0. But that was
> years ago. Are you sure it is still not workable?
> I'll try and figure out what savannah supports soon.

No, but I don't really have time to look into it either.  Let's just
keep with what we know for now.

>> > > This patch implements the work-in-progress invokedynamic API stubs described
>> > > here:
>> > >
>> > > Â
>> > >
>> > > The classes don't do anything useful yet and don't even contain all the
>> > > specified methods.
>> >
>> > Might be better to find some other reference to point people at. This
>> > screams it isn't finished yet, might move. I don't have a good
>> > suggestion though. The java doc in OpenJDK is distributed under the GPL
>> > though, but doesn't seem to be online yet.
>> Is there anything stopping us having the docs generated by IcedTea online?
>> Maybe the builder could produce them?
> The builder does already produce them, it just doesn't publish them
> anywhere yet :) I'll look into pushing them public somewhere. Probably
> to the main icedtea server.
> And as Robert just pointed out John Rose has been keeping a GPL derived
> version of the spec/javadoc here:

I think we need public ones from both IcedTea 6 & 7 so we know what
they are based on.

> Cheers,
> Mark

Andrew :-)

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