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On 10:32 Wed 08 Dec     , Andrew Haley wrote:
> On 12/08/2010 10:05 AM, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> >> As is, if you're going to put some time in, I'd rather it was spent
> >> reviewing patches than messing about with the VCS.
> > 
> > Point taken. In my defense, I like tinkering with "services" around the
> > code base. Having autobuilders, a good dvcs integrated with a bug
> > database, etc. help me get motivated that the code base is useful and in
> > a good shape.
> > 
> >> Moving it all to Mercurial just so it's easier for someone else to
> >> create a forked lower-quality copy that accepts unreviewed patches is
> >> not a good motivation IMHO.
> > 
> > That would not be the motivation. Getting rid of the pain that is CVS
> > would be.
> Replaced with the pain of Mercurial.  :-)
> Anyway, I don't mind that as long as someone else does it.  (Clearly,
> the issue of developers without commit access is a red herring, as
> every developer should have commit access.)

Indeed.  The problem is not the VCS.  It's that the people with commit
access are inactive, and new developers are not at the stage where
commit access can be given.

Pekka has produced a number of patches that are of good quality
and I'd be happy for him to have commit access.  However, he first
has to complete the copyright assignment process required by the FSF.

In Ivan's case, I've reviewed a number of the patches and I've had to
do work on most of them to get them in a state where they can be
committed.  This is why I've been hesitant on giving commit access if
the result is that it will break things that may be hard to trace
later.  I'm not saying every patch has to be perfect.  But I do think
that they should generally be reviewed, especially when the developer
is new to Classpath development.

Besides, commit access is not the blocker.  Most of my time is spent
reviewing the patch, not committing it.  It takes a couple of minutes
to apply and commit a patch if it's in a state where it can be

On a related subject, we should give more people access to Mauve too.
I have no idea who's in charge of this any more (it's on  I'd be happier with some of these patches if there
were test cases being added to Mauve that showed the benefit.
> Andrew.

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