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On 12/08/2010 01:23 PM, Mario Torre wrote:
> Il giorno mer, 08/12/2010 alle 13.03 +0000, Andrew Haley ha scritto:
>> On 12/08/2010 12:57 PM, Mario Torre wrote:
>>> If we were using mecurial we could use review board or webrew.
>> We could, but these just introduce extra barriers: it's very easy
>> to just read a mail.  Let's not get obsessed with tools: the issue
>> here is social, not technical.
> I don't think they introduce any other overhead than preparing the patch
> itself. You just post the patch via mercurial directly rather than via
> first a mailing list (and mercurial takes care of sending the mail to
> the patches list), and it makes line by line review easier, so this is
> no obsession.
> If you think this is overkill, because the number of patches we have to
> review is pretty limited, then this is a different issue and then I may
> agree with you.

I use webrevs all the time.  I use patch mails all the time.  I use
Mercurial all the time.

It's not that I don't understand how all this works, so you don't need
to explain.  I just don't agree with you.  I prefer simple tools.


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