Questions about jvmti.h header

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I am currently experimenting with JVMTI support in Cacao. My goal is to have the implementation compile equally against both GNU Classpath and OpenJDK headers. That's why I stumbled upon some questions about the JVMTI header included in the GNU Classpath source.

* Are there any plans to install the jvmti.h file (just like it is done with jni.h) or are there circumstances preventing such an installation?

* Why does the mentioned header include jvmti_md.h? All machine- dependent definitions should have already been covered by jni_md.h. Should the missing jvmti_md.h file be provided by the VM?

I also stumbled upon a mailing list post[1] dealing with this topic. But it seems to me that only a small part[2] actually made it into the GNU Classpath source, the rest remained in the GCJ source.


Thanks for your help,

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