Re: Problems building classpath on MIPS

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2009/3/16 Manuel Lauss <mano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 09:13:18AM +0000, Andrew Haley wrote:
>> Manuel Lauss wrote:
>> >
>> > Did I miss any prerequisites?
>> > Any help is very much appreciated!
>> Well, what are you trying to do?  GNU Classpath usually has to be
>> customized for whatever runtime it's going to be running on.  So,
>> what runtime will you use?
> Is that documented somewhere?  I assume by runtime you mean the VM.
> In this case, the target is cacaovm (although I'm flexible here)
>> Andrew.
> Thanks!
>        Manuel Lauss

CACAO is a good choice, it should work just fine with an uncustomised
copy of GNU Classpath.

It seems that configure is defaulting to using gcj to compile and for
some reason, this is failing.  From your output, it seems like gcj is
trying to compile more than just the file and is actually
trying to compile a lot of the GNU Classpath sourcecode during the
configure process!  The thing to try first is to build outside the
source directory:

cd ..
mkdir classpath-build
cd classpath-build
CFLAGS="-O2 -mips32 -msoft-float" ../classpath-0.98/configure
--prefix=/opt/classpath --build=mipsel-softfloat-linux-gnu
--host=mipsel-softfloat-linux-gnu --target=mipsel-softfloat-linux-gnu
--disable-gconf-peer --disable-gtk-peer --disable-plugin --enable-gmp
--enable-regen-headers --enable-static --enable-shared --disable-rpath

If this works, let us know; it may be that there is a bug with using
gcj for in-tree compiles.  There was a similar issue for older
versions of javac.

More generally, the fact that gcj is being used as the compiler
implies that it has already failed to find either ecj or javac.  You
can explicitly set the compiler to use by setting the JAVAC
environment variable in the same way you set CFLAGS.

Note that Classpath has the option to just compile the native code.
You can then build the Java code on any box (you'll probably find this
easier on an x86 box for example).  Check the --with-glibj option.

As you're on Gentoo, it may be worth checking out the GNU Classpath
and CACAO ebuilds in the java-overlay (available via layman).  We'd
appreciate the testing on mips!

Andrew :-)

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