Re: gcjwebplugin in Classpath

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Hi Andrew,

On Tue, 2008-12-23 at 01:39 +0000, Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> My preference would be to remove it before releasing 0.98.
> If we still want to ship a plugin with Classpath, we could possibly
> include IcedTeaPlugin.
> Thoughts?

IMHO we shouldn't remove working code until there is a real replacement.
We could deprecate it and make it optional, have --disable-plugin as
default maybe. But until IcedTeaPlugin is working with GNU Classpath
based runtime (which would at least mean solving the EmbeddedWindow
issue - there is no standard, so we have,
while openjdk has sun.awt.EmbeddedFrame) pointing people at it as
alternative is premature. Also it is pretty tied to the icedtea build
and releases. It would be good if there was an actual standalone release
of it.



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