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Andrew John Hughes schrieb:
> I've just run Mauve against both the 4.3 tree and our
> Classpath 0.98 merge tree (effectively equivalent to Classpath
> CVS + GCJ-specific changes).  Overall:
> 4.3:
> 281 of 3177 tests failed.  123926 total calls to harness.check() failed.
> 4.4:
> 239 of 3177 tests failed.  143832 total calls to harness.check() failed.
> There will be some new tests that compile with 4.4 but not 4.3 (e.g.
> java.util.Scanner tests).

Here is another run, done with trunk and branch 20081017.

277 of 3175 tests failed.  139350 total calls to harness.check() failed.

232 of 3175 tests failed.  122871 total calls to harness.check() failed.

merge branch (as 4.4 above):
229 of 3175 tests failed.  122914 total calls to harness.check() failed.

> Additional FAILs are as follows:
> +FAIL:
> +FAIL: java.sql.Date.DateTest
> +FAIL: java.lang.Character.Blocks15
> +FAIL: java.lang.InheritableThreadLocal.simple
> +FAIL: java.text.SimpleDateFormat.parse
> +FAIL: java.util.Calendar.ampm
> +FAIL: java.util.Scanner.LotsOfPMInts
> +FAIL: java.util.Scanner.Inputs
> +FAIL: javax.swing.text.DefaultStyledDocument.ElementBuffer.insert
> +FAIL: javax.swing.table.JTableHeader.AccessibleJTableHeader.AccessibleJTableHeaderEntry.getForeground

comparing 4.3 with the merge branch:

56 progressions and

+FAIL: java.awt.TextField.PaintTest
+FAIL: java.lang.ref.PhantomReference.phantom
+FAIL: java.text.SimpleDateFormat.parse
+FAIL: java.util.Calendar.ampm
+FAIL: java.util.Scanner.FindWithinHorizon
+FAIL: java.util.logging.Logger.getParent
+FAIL: javax.swing.JButton.constructors
+FAIL: javax.swing.text.DefaultStyledDocument.ElementBuffer.insert

The following three go away if the cacerts file is in place.


comparing the trunk with the merge branch (0.97.2 vs. 0.98pre):

9 progressions and

+FAIL: java.awt.Component.clickModifiers
+FAIL: java.text.SimpleDateFormat.Localization
+FAIL: java.util.Calendar.ampm
+FAIL: java.util.Currency.US
+FAIL: java.util.Scanner.FindWithinHorizon
+FAIL: java.util.logging.Logger.getParent

Full logs at

libjava/testsuite/libjava.mauve doesn't work with current mauve, so all builds were installed, and
mauve was run on the installed build.


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