Re: Problem in displaying swing components on ARM, using GNU Classpath and Cacao

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> On Mon, 2008-10-06 at 11:33 +0530, Pavan Kumar Maddali wrote:
> > >    Thanks for the reply. In both cases swing widget on swing(JFrame)
> > > or swing on awt - swing widjets like (labels, textfields, buttons,..)
> > > are not visible, but window is visible.
> > > I build the gnuclasspath using default options, so the awt-peer is
> > > Gtk.
> > > The program is working fine under x86 Linux machine with the same
> > > version of GNU Classpath.
> > With the same version of CACAO?
> >
> >- Christian

> I am about to update both escher and the escher peer in Classpath, it
> only needs an XServer to run, maybe you can try to use it wand see if it
> works?

> Cheers,

> Mario

Yes, with the same version of CACAO and GNU Classpath the program is working fine on X86.
On ARM, AWT is working fine, but swings components are not visible and the same problem is with java 2d. The problem is not with a specific swing or java 2d program, it is all swing and java 2d programs. It seems like some thing is missing which is required to paint swing components and java 2d. Is there any way to find out what is mssing or debug it?

Thanks & Regards
MVN Pavankumar

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