Problem in displaying swing components on ARM, using GNU Classpath and Cacao

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We have a requirement of JVM on ARM Processor and Linux version-2.6. We have choosen Gnu Classpath(0.97.2) and Cacao(0.99.2)  as both are supporting ARM.
In this process I have cross compiled the GNU Classpath(0.97.2) libs (using default options)and Cacao VM(0.99.2) and required libraries (gtk, cairo, pango, atk,....) and ported sucessfully. To test the JVM on ARM, I took some sample programs which are working fine on x86 platform and I am able to succesfully execute simple programs and AWT programs. But when I am trying to execute a program containing swing components, the window is visible - but the swing components(labels, buttons, text fields) are not visible.
Some how I managed to click on a button (random clicking), the action on that button is performed(which is opening an information message(using Joptionpane), offcourse again the components in the Joptionpane are not visible). Then I came to know that components are being added, as the action on the button is performed, but they are not visible.
I am trying to debug, why the swing components are not visible but not successful.

To make the swing components visible, Does I have to keep any specific libraries on path or I have to set any environment variables or provide runtime parameters ?

Thanks in Adavance.
MVN PavanKumar

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