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On Sun, 2008-08-03 at 17:28 +0100, Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> > I know you've done a lot of work to improve Free Java
> support on Gentoo, but the distro overall is less concerned with
> ensuring that packages are Free than, say, Debian or Fedora.

It's more a matter of hands and itches, than it is things we dictate and
make happen with very limited resources. While our team has grown, so
has our package set and focus in various areas.

Much less Java is not a primary concern or much of an after thought to
much of Gentoo as a whole. We are just a project, and many others at
least at this time are not really looking to go out of their way for
Java purposes.

Hopefully the future will change that, and that's just my personal take.
Not anything representing the opinion of the Java Team or etc.

> I should note that we've recently had some good progress with Free
> Java on Gentoo, and a working gcj 4.3 is now available at last.

Excellent, glad to hear it. Sorry I have not had any time to help, or

William L. Thomson Jr.
Gentoo Foundation

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