Crypto functions supported.

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Hello all!

I'm a new member and navigating into the classpath page I realized the info is complete. However for now it's a little difficult to know if the issues I'm searching are completely support for the gnu.

I'm searching a java examples (not too interested in the source code, only the "black boxes") for the following process.

Please could you tell me if all are supported by GNU ClassPath into the Crypto functions? Thanks in advance.

1- KeyPair generation in assymetric encryption.
2- 3DES key generation.
3- To guard or store the generated keys.
4- Assymetric encryption and decryption. RSA.
5- Random number generation.
6- To generate and validate DSS.
7- Support of X.509 certificate (e.g. entity knows the seriousness of a digital signature generator).

Thanks and regards.

José Ignacio Saavedra Vivas
Systems Engineer

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