Re: Savannah has Mercurial!

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Andrew John Hughes wrote:
I just noticed this announcement when submitting the news announcement
for 0.97.2.

What do people think to the idea of switching?  Maybe post 0.98?


just to give a different perspective. For Jikes RVM there's been no
choice to use Mercurial as SourceForge don't provide it, this may
actually have been no bad thing. There are lots of different version
control tools, but both Mercurial and GIT support pulling and pushing to
a SVN repository. Clearly using SVN with SVN isn't a problem and CVS is
out-of-date anyway. So in summary, having a central repository that's an
SVN repository can be a good thing as it supports the maximum number of
version control tools. We have a list of different tools for working
with our repository (hg, git, svn, svk, darcs, svm, rsync) and how to
set them up with Jikes RVM here:

I may be talking rubbish as I'm not a version control guru. Regards,


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