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2008/5/14 Mario Torre <neugens.limasoftware@xxxxxxxxx>:> Il giorno dom, 11/05/2008 alle 15.55 +0100, Andrew John Hughes ha>  scritto:>> > On 11/05/2008, Ian Rogers <> wrote:>  > > Andrew John Hughes wrote:>  > >>  > > > Dear all,>  > > >>  > > > I think it's about time we started to consider another (major)>  > > > release.  My personal wishlist of things to finish for this release>>  If we can delay a little, I would like to finish two things:>>  1. escher peer made usable>>  I'm almost there, but I'm fixing a couple of bugs that are important, I>  guess I'll need a full week to make things solid.>>  2. Fix the bug in the GConf backend.>>  It's too much time now really, I want to fix this bug, but I can work on>  this only on this weekend, maybe the next one... so it makes a full week>  again.>>  Let me know if it's ok for you to wait a little, I don't want to delay>  the release, so feel free to ignore me :)>>  Btw, we need the usual testing period anyway, but I think Classpath is>  better than ever :)>>  Mario>  -->  Mario Torre, Software Developer,>  aicas Allerton Interworks Computer Automated Systems GmbH>  Haid-und-Neu-Straße 18 * D-76131 Karlsruhe * Germany>   * Tel: +49-721-663 968-53>  pgp key: PGP Key ID: 80F240CF>  Fingerprint: BA39 9666 94EC 8B73 27FA  FC7C 4086 63E3 80F2 40CF>>  USt-Id: DE216375633, Handelsregister HRB 109481, AG Mannheim>  Geschäftsführer: Dr. James J. Hunt>>  Please, support open standards:>>>>>
Shouldn't be a problem.  I need roughly the same time, if not more, myself sowas thinking about early to mid June for a release.  Much longer and we willprobably have too many changes for one release IMO (the GMP andCPStringBuilder are already quite significant changes in themselves).
Part of my intention of this mail was to highlight the final list of things Iintend to do for this release (and Ian, I will include SpecJVM inthis).  Anythingother than that I want to postpone, personally, so I can devote my FOSS timeover  the next few months to the OpenJDK project and the challenge proposal.-- Andrew :-)
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