Re: Integer.parseInt("+42") gives -42

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On 12/05/2008, Tom Tromey <tromey@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >>>>> "David" == David Daney <ddaney@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>  David> I am not an expert in this realm, but this may be small enough
>  David> so that an assignment is not necessary.
>  Yes, I agree, particularly because there is really only one fix for
>  this -- delete the '+' code.

It would be small enough, was this his only contribution.  But his
mention of commit rights implies previous contributions and there are
several ChangeLog entries:

ChangeLog-2005:2005-12-18  Nicolas Geoffray <nicolas.geoffray@xxxxxxxxxxx>
ChangeLog-2005:2005-12-14  Nicolas Geoffray  <nicolas.geoffray@xxxxxxxxxxx>
ChangeLog-2005:2005-12-04  Nicolas Geoffray  <nicolas.geoffray@xxxxxxxxxxx>
ChangeLog-2005:2005-12-04  Nicolas Geoffray  <nicolas.geoffray@xxxxxxxxxxx>
ChangeLog-2005:2005-12-03  Nicolas Geoffray  <nicolas.geoffray@xxxxxxxxxxx>
ChangeLog-2005:2005-10-28  Nicolas Geoffray  <nicolas.geoffray@xxxxxxxxxxx>
ChangeLog-2005:2005-10-21  Nicolas Geoffray  <nicolas.geoffray@xxxxxxxxxxx>
ChangeLog-2005:2005-10-21  Nicolas Geoffray  <nicolas.geoffray@xxxxxxxxxxx>
ChangeLog-2005: Reported by Nicolas Geoffray  <nicolas.geoffray@xxxxxxx>
ChangeLog-2006:2006-01-16  Nicolas Geoffray  <nicolas.geoffray@xxxxxxxxxxx>

This does imply to me that he already has an assignment, but either he
or mjw needs to confirm this.

Actually, the proposed patch doesn't
>  seem to go far enough in that direction... AFAICT a leading '+' is not
>  allowed at all; there's no reason to check for it specially.
>  Tom

This strikes me as odd too, but I haven't yet had chance to test the
code itself against OpenJDK.
Andrew :-)

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