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                Hey Guys,

        If gnome 3 is so great, then why are so many people having such problems with it.....for one, you can't make any changes to panels (i.e. panel height, opacity, adding apps to panels, etc.) can't change fonts or font sizes.  There are certain programs that don't work with gnome 3, but you guys won't know that because you don't necessarily check to find out what works with it and what doesn't...for instance, xiphos bible software doesn't work with gnome only works up to kernel 3.0.0-1, after that, nothing, it'll start briefly, then die.  Other than that, it's pretty nice, but I still don't like the fact that you can't make changes to the do us all a favor, do a little more research in what works with new kernels before assuming that they'll be ok with everyone....because what I'm seeing in my local forum is nothing short of horrible, people (users) having all kinds of problems, but no one to take responsibility or willingness to fix it......cheers

Andrew Nielsen
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