Re: Gnome 3 Removeable media settings.

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On Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 12:46:57PM -0700, Chuck Smith wrote:
> Under system settings the "do nothing" for removable media is not
> working. Case, I'm using an FC16 platform with Gnome 3, to program
> usb/sd/cf devices. Once inserted they will pop up a the bottom of
> the desktop asking to mount/eject the device. This behavior
> interferes with operations to the devices being accessed and
> consequently blocks the lower third of the desktop from being
> usable.

Seems you found a bug. Please create a bugreport for this at I guess gnome-shell handles media
insertions, or maybe gnome-settings-daemon. Choose one of those products
(developers will move it incase it is incorrect).

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