Re: Moved to Gnome 3 and can't drag and drop urls anymore

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Philip Walden wrote:

> I have a different Gnome 3.2 installation that is in fallback mode.
> If I place the above launcher on the top panel (which I cannot do
> with the full Gnome 3.2), the drag and drop works as before.
> It looks like the use of custom launchers and drag-n-drop has fallen
> by the wayside with the full Gnome 3 experience.
You can regain this experience if you start gnome-panel (either in a 
terminal or automatically on start of a agnome session). This gives 
you the traditional panels with (almost) all features and applets.

In essence, the panel is not gone. It is jut hidden from the user of
the default theme. 

Kai-Martin Knaak
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