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Am 08.12.2011 23:24, schrieb Tim:
Hello Gnomers :)

I have some issues with Gnome3&  Shell.
Running Debian unstable - experimental to get the latest Gnome 3.2
before it was a LMDE (Linuxmint Debian Ed. 'testing')
With Gnome3 my bash-compltion is gone.
In tty1 -6 I have it.
What can I do?

the latest update kills my .profile file. it was missing following:
export LANGUAGE="de:en"
export LC_MESSAGES="de_DE.UTF-8"
export LC_CTYPE="de_DE.UTF-8"
export LC_COLLATE="de_DE.UTF-8"
And many progs had problems to save in right language.
Gnome Settings displayed »Unspecified [ANSI_X3.4-1968]
&  I can't choose German (or another) it chashed then.

I installed @<>  some useful extensions,
without it is not possible to work produktivly with gnome-shell.
Then later I installed with synaptic a package gnome-shell-extensions.
Now I have a lot doublets.

My login window has some missing words, there is no font only [][][][]
This is up in the bar on the top&  and on one button to choose the gdm
version (the first from left).

The whole shell is very unstable&  often crash.
I missing the possibility to do one window quick transparent like with compiz
[Alt]+ mouse wheel.

Thank you for reading.

All of the above are most likely homegrown issues or at least distro specific issues. I suggest you consult with your distros experts. A sidenote, I use Debian sid myself with gnome (shell and fallback mode) on several machines and have none of the issues you describe. And as I am german too, I suggest you subscribe to the german Debian user mailinglist, see:
From personal experience, this list is really helpful.

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