Re: Bug with adding network printer (IPP) in Gnome 3?

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Have you tried filling a bug against F15 or F16? I use a CUPS server and adding the IP address correctly finds the printer and adds it in F16 (I can even print ;-) ). I did have some issues in the past though (just forgot which one and I don't print much).

Hope that helps.


On 11/29/2011 02:06 PM, Andrew Wood wrote:
Is there a bug with adding a new network printer (IPP) in Gnome 3
because I am unable to do it in both Fedora 15 (Gnome 3.0) Fedora 16
(Gnome 3.2) and Debian Wheezy (Gnome 3.0).
There seems to always have been a bug that prevented you from adding a
printer using its DNS hostname, Ive always had to put in the IP address,
but in Gnome 3 even when you enter the IP and click search, when the
printer make/model comes up, clicking the Add button cuases System
Settings to hang.

Is anyone else aware of this problem?
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