Re: One very unhappy Linux user

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Does Gnome have some statistics saying how many users there might be
that is running Gnome3?

What we see on this list are mostly unhappy users. And yes, they shall
be listened to also. But if we have 100 unhappy users and 1000 happy
users then we have 1000 silent non-complainers. 

I have, as stated a few times before, not moved to G3 (still using
Ubuntu 10.04/Gnome 2), but I think G3 looks promising. I hope all the
problems that the complainers have are related to a desktop that is
unfamiliar and that they will work better, faster and therefor more
productive when they get familiar with the new desktop.

That being said: It is always scary to make a big and bold move such as
Gnome has done with G3. There are lots of changes and maybe it would
have been wise to upgrade one new feature at a time. 


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