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Em Sex, 2011-11-11 às 21:57 +0800, Frederic Muller escreveu:
Those 2 problems are very easily solved in GNOME3

On 11/11/2011 09:30 PM, carpetnailz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> documents that I use everyday or so by just clicking on the desktop
> icon, I now have to

Icons on desktop can be enabled in GNOME3.

> This is not progress.
> Another: I used to be able to move to a different app/document by
> clicking on the document in the bottom panel Now I have to

Have you tried ALT+` ? Maybe you should check the cheat sheet here for 
more tips:
ok... but if you do not have the gnomeshell??  what about those
200 desktops that are unable to display 3D???

I bought several (20) diskless stations Intel Atom N525..   and  linux
is unable to start the 3D in the chipset, only vesa is supported...
If I switch to gnome3, the company would stop, and I will be fired..

Besides, running a 3D desktop using remote X (xdmcp)  over the network
I do not say it is possible, or if will overload the 100Mbits network

I personally wouldn't want to go back to GNOME2 and the extensions model 
really enables a lot more people (as in _javascript_ developers) to create 
customizations for the GNOME desktop.

good for you that have 3D desktop, time, will, and you are a skilled person that
could make it work...

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