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On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 11:19:02AM +0100, Jan Mussche wrote:
> Question: what is this mailing list for, if not for writing about your
> ideas of having a much better Gnome than what we have to deal with now?

As per the description:
"This list is for general discussion of GNOME. It is an appropriate
place to ask questions about using GNOME."

Saying GNOME put a "knife on your throat" is not appropriate. Saying you
dislike GNOME 3 is fine. Say it is terrible, you hate it, worst desktop
environment you've ever seen, etc. I'd prefer you'd like it, but you're
expressing opinion so it is cool. But there is a limit, and something
like "knife on your throat" is beyond what I think is appropriate. If
you think that happened, file a police report.
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