Re: One very unhappy Linux user

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Em Sex, 2011-11-11 às 18:51 +1030, Daniel Moore escreveu:
Please, Gnome != Linux

Gnome is just one option for Linux out of many. Have a look at the alternatives... try some. Linux has always been about finding the right package for you, not about ensuring that the general direction or distribution conforms to your desires.

Yes gnome is not Linux (thanks God, or Linus..., whoever..)

the problem is that users wants to put a cd (pen drive) in the
computer an install the system in order to have a computer
useable .. there are few choices..  KDE, GNOME3..
if you want to install xfce, for example, only few distributions
have it.. 
That is why linx mint is in the top of
prefered distributions now..  it passed ubunto after 6 years
in the top.

While distributions spend time (and money) to fix gnome3,
and make it "useable"  linuxmint offer a simple and
efficient alternative (lxde)...

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