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Em Sex, 2011-11-11 às 09:16 +0100, Jan Mussche escreveu:
I'm happy I am not the only one here complaining about the new Gnome.
Now it will depend on the developers there what will happen with the future of Gnome and maybe even Linux in general.
When even the Man himself, Mr. Linux said that Gnome 3 is an unholy mess and developers have their heads in their asses. Doesn't that mean anything?
means that gnome on the desktop is doomed.  Users will use this kind of interface in tablets (where android rules...)
users will switch to xfce, lxde (note that I have never heard about lxde a year ago).. these environment are gaining more and more users, and
I bet they did not came from windows..

If Gnome will not change back to the way it was, at least concerning the interface then it is unusable and we all have to find something else, something that does meet our needs and wishes.
They will not, gnome seems to be ruled by "high skilled technological gods" and does not care about "simple mortals"
that only wants to use the computer, and does not want to learn a "high skilled" interface that have dozens of "keyboard" shortcuts..
users wants to use a mouse (preferable with only one button), and enter data on the interface using the keyboard.
ALT-this ALT-that, SHIFT-ALT-this... is faster, but for a "simple mortal" is unacceptable.. as I said,
users want only to use the computer.. 
that is why I keep the gnome 2.32 and are moving new users to the XFCE4 and will test LXDE soon.
For tablets, I will prefer android..

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