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On 11-06-20 07:02 AM, Rowland Penny wrote:
> Well yes there are other applets I going to miss, but you have to start
> somewhere and my somewhere is getting the basic desktop setup as I need,
> I can then go on from there.

Indeed.  My apologies if you thought my criticism was directed at you,
as it certainly was not.  Kudos to you for persevering with something
that is not full baked (IMHO).

> I would also like to add that I think that not enough people were asked
> what was required from gnome 3 before it was designed. By people I mean
> everyday users not developers or power users, I certainly did not know
> it was coming until it was well into development.

Well, all existing, (relevant) functionality should have been reproduced
before throwing it out to the users as "done".  In my IMHO, done is not
until I can replace gnome 2 with it and have the same functionality as I
had.  It seems we are going to have to wait until at least gnome 3.2 to
get those applets back.  That's when it should have been called gnome
3.0, again, IMHO.

> I do hope that developers take on board the large amount of complaints
> etc that are floating about on the internet, swallow their pride and
> admit that they got it wrong (but then again this only my opinion)

And fix it.  :-)


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