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Dear Olav, I think you get this wrong. Sergio is not speaking on other
peoples behalf saying something wrong. You know like myself that he is
right for the bigger part of users.
All those things you all are discussing say NOTHING to me. All those
things one could do, one could try, one could download and I don't know
what else don't say nothing nothing nothing to me.
I don't understand anything.
I must USE my pc. stop.
I don't believe Linux was created only for computer specialists.

I fear you are very much offended by the negativ answer that comes to
Gnome3. I'm sorry for that, nobody wants to offend you or the others of
Gnome, and less than everything the guys who made it.

But Sergio is right: I'm like that "mum" that won't understand anything,
I'm a "dumb" "end user", though I don't use my pcs for facebook or
playing, but for working. I don't work THE pc, but WITH THE pc (I
translate, so you mustn't wonder whatever I might do with the pc). I
must receive mails, translate, and resend the translation to the
customer, I must search for expressions in internet ecc. And all this
must be simple, quick, without searching like hell for where my things
have been gone, without reading instructions of how to use my pc now...
I was perfectly happy with the old gnome, I worked really well, but I
can only hope that I won't need my laptop now, because on that I have
the new version and I can't do anything anymore, because I am a dumb
end-user in mummies age. And I chose Linux for ethical reasons, not
because it was gratis.

Thank you, Sergio, I agree perfectly with what you said in your mail

kind regards
Cornelia Pfeffer

Il giorno mer, 15/06/2011 alle 16.35 +0200, Olav Vitters ha scritto:
> On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 11:18:05AM -0300, Sergio de Almeida Lenzi wrote:
> > Yes, I agree, power users will "see"  the great advantage gnome shell,
> > but for each one
> 1. You mentioned you weren't able to use GNOME shell
> 2. You're speaking on other peoples behalf
>    I can easily say 'people will think GNOME3 is the best thing since
>    sliced bread' and we'll get nowhere.
> More constructive regarding some things you mentioned in a previous
> email:
> - You can have Nautilus take over the desktop in fallback mode
> - You can change the panel (hold alt while right clicking)

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