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On Tue, 2011-06-14 at 00:00 +0200, Esben Stien wrote:
> Is there any way to disable drag and drop completely in GNOME?. 
> I have a friend with some weird hand problem who uses GNOME, but he
> manages to drag everything out of order, because when he left clicks, he
> doesn't let go of the button. 
> This problem makes using the desktop and all applications very hard,
> because he manages to drag and drop stuff all over the place and messes
> up whatever he touches. 
> Any pointers on how to solve this?. 

I don't know a way to disable drag and drop entirely, but you can set
the drag threshold higher in the mouse preferences. This will make it
so that he has to drag farther for the action to register as a drag,
which might help.

You might get a better response on gnome-accessibility-list@xxxxxxxxx


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