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Hello list.
>From what I could infer, GNOME 3 has moved (or is the process of moving)
from gconf to dconf. Actually I'm not sure about the difference between
GSettings and dconf (but, no problem, I'm not an IT person).
It seems that, development wise, gconf became deprecated and it's still
used because not everything has migrated to the new configuration
It seems that GSettings converts gconf settings to the new system and so
can use them.

I'm using GNOME 3 in Debian (Sid/experimental). It works quite well
(props for the Debian packagers making it available).
I know about gnome-tweak-tool already (have the 1st version installed)
but even when it gets more punchy it isn't supposed to replace

Basically I would like to know if it's fine that I used gconf-editor to
tweak GNOME 3's settings or if it's better to wait for a replacement.

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