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Em Sex, 2011-06-03 às 20:24 +0200, Cornelia Pfeffer escreveu:

Some day ago I downloaded Fedora 15, that contents "gnome 3". 
There's someone among you that wants to make Linux-users run away?? What
a horrible solution did you invent?!?!?!? 
Yes, gnome3 is not for end users (my oppinion). I updated my noteboot (arch linux) and
it changed to gnome3. all applications stopped, as it cannot find the X server feature in the old sis671 chipset,
so it boots into "compatible" mode, this mode the gnome panel is very bad, there is no way to put
icons on the desktop, the gnome shell does not work.   So my notebook is useless...

My solution, was to reinstall for the good and old gnome 2.32 that I saved  before doom's day (may 1, 2011).
Sometimes I think you, from gnome, forget about the end users.....
Just look at Microsoft... even they tried Vista, that claimed to be superior, no one liked it... they than fall
back to the basics of XP, and launched W7, that is more like a XP than the BAD vista...

OK, I agree with you, that we must invent more sofisticated desktop, that produces wonderful human interfaces
and so on... BUT you cannot force the users to switch to a new interface without give them a change to came back...

Microsoft learned the lesson, users want something that works (see the simplicity of the google interface...), and gnome 2.32, for sure, works...  Apple learned also, as the GUI does not change, or change slooooowly...  With gnome3, the user is completely lost,  for a person like me, (or you, tech person) a new interface is "wonderfull"  but for an end user that wants to write documents, browse internet, chat, and watch some movies, or listen to music, an "wonderful"  upgrade is a disaster...

Cornelia Pfeffer, probably is an end user... he/she had a working computer  and now have an "brick".
Note that the computer not even switch off.  (I have the same problem here, it only suspends,
and when come back, the screen is black, so I had to disconnect the battery, and boot again).

Do you guys from Gnome call that an "evolution"???  may be.. when it reaches the trust state we had in 2.32...

I spend  a week downloading the 2.32 gnome, and 2 more days installing it only to
have my notebook usable again.

For God's sake, could you return to a good system as you had before this
terrible thing???
It's a horror to work with this! For one week I could not switch off my
laptop, unless my technician found out how to run down the operating

kind regards
Cornelia Pfeffer

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