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On 15/02/11 23:36, tina braxton wrote:
I received a donated laptop computer several months ago and have no contact information for the gentleman who programmed it.  He chose a gnome desktop for me, because it is easy to use, and mostly, I have found it so, except for one problem.  He forgot to give me the root and admin passwords for it, and they are required for a number of important things I need to do.

I don't know how much information you need, in order to help me, as I have no expertise in these matters.  But here is a list of the main programming on the computer:


GNU Grub 1.98-1

Gnome 2.30.0

Iceweasel browser 3.5.9

Build identifier: Mozilla /5.0 (XII; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko /20100501 Iceweasel/ 3.5.9 (like Firefox/ 3.5.9)

Because I don't have the admin and root passwords, I am unable to configure anything, which means I often cannot use the Iceweasel browser.  A lot of wireless networks are not configured for it, and I am unable to do this procedure myself.

I also cannot install anything, including any of the updates that are available.  All installations require an admin password.

I cannot even correct the time on the computer's clock.  This requires the root password.

A friend advised replacing the entire programming.  He lent me an Ubuntu disc.  But I could not get the computer to read the disc, because I did not have the admin password.  I looked at the listing of files on my computer and found that Ubuntu is already installed, though I cannot find a way to use it.

I don't necessarily dislike the programming that I have.  But I need to be able to, at least, configure internet networks, run updates, and install things.  Is there a way to bypass the demand for the root and admin passwords?

I appreciate any assistance you can give me.


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