Re: I think I know what is clobbering my Gnome

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On Sat, 05 Dec 2009 11:05:03 +0100
Klistvud <quotations@xxxxxxxxxxxx> dijo:

>Dne, 05. 12. 2009 05:56:53 je John Jason Jordan napisal(a):
>This may seem painfully obvious, but: have you tried creating another 
>user and logging into the new account, just to check if the issue is 
>user- or system-related?

Already tried that. The new user has a normal window manager (metacity) and

I decided to pollute the new user with my configurations to see what would
happen. I copied my ~/.gconf, ~/.gconfd ~/.gnome2, ~/.gnome2-private, ~/.local
and ~/.nautilus folders to the new user, one at a time.

Each time I rebooted and logged in as the new user. The new user still had
metacity and gnome-panel even after I had copied all of them to the new user.

So whatever is causing it is not in the above folders.

I am currently trying to figure out how to save the state of the desktop. I
know there's a GUI someplace, I just can't find it. My plan is to reboot,
log in, start metacity, then save the state as the default to be used every
time I log in to Gnome.
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