Re: Undo git-rm without commit?

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On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 02:17:18AM -0400, Joe Fiorini wrote:
> I hadn't done a git-commit yet, but I used git-rm thinking it would  
> remove files that I had just added.  Instead, it deleted everything I  
> had added from the disk.  Is there a way to undo this?  I'm doubtful,  
> but would love to not have to rewrite what I was working on.

Your best take would be to take a look at the unreachable loose objects
in your repository. One way to have a list of them would be to do a
git prune -n. Then you can look at the contents of each blob in those
with either git cat-file -p $sha1, or git show $sha1.


PS: What you wanted to use is git reset, not git rm.
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