Re: [PATCH/RFC] Export file attachements in git-remote-mediawiki

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nguyenki <nguyenki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>>> @@ -642,8 +651,14 @@ sub mw_push_file {
>>>  	my $old_sha1 = $diff_info_split[2];
>>>  	my $page_created = ($old_sha1 eq NULL_SHA1);
>>>  	my $page_deleted = ($new_sha1 eq NULL_SHA1);
>>> +	my $file_deleted = ($new_sha1 eq NULL_SHA1);
>> This line looks suspiciously similar to the previous one. Do you need
>> another variable for the same value?
> Yes, it's true. I just want the code to be more visible. Because, when
> we delete a file attachment, it's not a page wiki.

I still don't see a reason to have two variables for the same thing. If
$page_deleted is not a good name, then rename the variable to
something more general (e.g. $path_deleted ?)

>>> +	else {
>>> +		print STDERR "$complete_file_name is not supported on
>>> this version of Mediawiki.\n"
>> It's not a matter of version, it's a matter of configuration.
> What do you think if i change it like:
>         else {
> 	print STDERR "$complete_file_name is not a permitted file
> type. Check your configuration for more information\n"

That's better, but it doesn't tell the user which configuration to
check (Git's one, or the wiki's one).

Matthieu Moy
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