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2012/5/28 Trần Ngọc Quân <vnwildman@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> Fuzzy means wrong
> It isn't true! When complete into mo, fuzzy will be ignore. When run, it use origin string.
>> pull from git.git
> Now I will:

> -Drop my current repository

It's not necessary, just making a force push is OK. I already
clean the history, squash the commits, add the signed-off-by
line, and what I have done is pushed to branch WIP/vi/master


You can just reset your master branch to it. See comment:


> -Clone from git.git

You already forked a repo directly from
right? And registered it as your team's main repo, which you have already
written in the TEAMS file.

You should clone your own forked repo, which you have rights to push.

> Sorry about inconvenience!

Your translation for Vietnamese is most completed than any other languages.
Feel free to make pull request.

Indead, close pull request #22 on GitHub is unnecessary, just clean
commit history of your master branch, create new commit to fix
fuzzy translations, and the pull request will update automatically.

Jiang Xin
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