how to share files between machines?

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We have a shared git repository (origin). Everyone on the team clones the repo, does some work, commits locally then pushes to the shared repository.

I have a box where I have cloned the repo. I have another box (test box) where I have also cloned the same repo. I change/commit/push code on either box to the shared repo depending on the task at hand.

Now I want to do something different. I want to create new files on my local box in various directories that are part of my local git rep, and share them only between just the two boxes. So I need the ability to commit/push to another repo such that others on the repo mentioned in the first sentence will not be affected.

There will be various files in various sub directories, so when I pull on the second box, I want all the files to come down and be put in the same directory that they existed on my box 1 where I committed them.

Is this at all possible? Maybe by creating a bare repository on my box 1?

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