Re: [PATCH 1/2] git-p4: Test changelists touching two branches

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Vitor Antunes <vitor.hda@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> What about the parentheses in the next line, is it necessary? Or can I
> simply remove that pair of parentheses and unindent the code in
> between?
>> ...
>>> +     (
>>> +             cd "$cli" &&
>>> +             p4 integrate //depot/branch3/file3 //depot/branch4/file3 &&
>>> +             p4 delete //depot/branch3/file3 &&
>>> +             p4 submit -d "Move branch3/file3 to branch4/file3"
>>> +     )
>>> +'

If you mean this part, the parentheses to throw you into a subprocess are
required.  Otherwise, a failure in any of these three p4 commands will
leave you in $cli directory, causing the next test to start in a directory
that it does not expect.

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