Re: t4014 broken by 43ae9f47ab: format-patch: use default email for generating message ids

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On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 04:15:53PM -0400, Jeff King wrote:

> > If you mean "why environment and not an API call?", then I would have to
> > agree.  ident_committer_email() call, that returns a sanitized version,
> > would have been a natural way to write this, if it were available.
> I meant the latter. There is no such call, but I can make one. Let me
> see how awkward it is.

Here it is.

  [1/7]: ident: refactor empty ident error message

This one is only tangentially related. I was going to touch the message
more in patch 3, but decided not to (details in that patch).

  [2/7]: ident: refactor NO_DATE flag in fmt_ident
  [3/7]: ident: let callers omit name with fmt_indent
  [4/7]: format-patch: use GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL in message ids

These ones should fix Michael's failing test and restore the original

  [5/7]: ident: rename IDENT_ERROR_ON_NO_NAME to IDENT_STRICT
  [6/7]: ident: reject bogus email addresses with IDENT_STRICT
  [7/7]: format-patch: do not use bogus email addresses in message ids

These ones prevent bogus message ids from being generated at all
(which is an improvement over the previous state).

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