Re: [PATCH] Add persistent-https to contrib

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On Thu, 24 May 2012, Jeff King wrote:

Nice numbers. And as clever as I find this helper-wrapping-a-helper solution, I wonder if the right layer for a fix isn't inside curl. It already keeps an ssl session-id cache in memory; how hard would it be to turn that into an on-disk cache?

I don't think that is grounds for rejecting this patch; obviously it is working for you guys, and it is available right now, and it is only going into contrib/ anyway. But a curl solution seems like a cleaner long-term fix, and would benefit all curl users. It is even mentioned in curl's doc/TODO file. :)

Yes, in the curl project we would certainly not object to being able to export/import SSL-session-ids (which then could be used to implement a cache, on disk or in memory). However, I don't know how easily done that is to implement with the different TLS libraries in use.


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