Re: [PATCH 2/2] completion: split __git_ps1 into a separate script

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>> I am not sure if that is worth it.  These two share/duplicate some shell
>> functions and we may end up refactoring them (a way to do so may be to
>> dot-source git-prompt from git-completion and drop duplicated definitions
>> from the latter), for example.
> And how do you propose to update the install documentation?
> 1) Copy the file (e.g. ~/
> 2) Copy the other file (.e.g ~/
> 3) Edit the original file (~/, modify the 'source'
> command to use the other file (~/

The third step doesn't seem necessary if .git-completion sources
git-prompt when it's available (and otherwise ignores it gracefully).
Then anyone who cares about the prompt just makes sure that git-prompt
is available.

Ted Pavlic <ted@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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