git-svn should transform svn:ignore to .gitignore and .gitignore to svn:ignore automatically

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I am attempting to use git as a local repository to manage the work
before checking into the master subversion repository. gerrit is
involved in this. I consider the git repository as a mirror of the
subversion repository so changes in the subversion repository are
fetched using 'git rebase" and changes in the git repository are sent
upstream with "git svn dcommit".

I find it inconvenient that the svn:ignore properties are not mirrored
into .gitignore files by "git svn fetch", "git rebase", and I assume
that changes in .gitignore files do not cause "git svn dcommit" to
modify the svn:ignore property.

I would like this feature to be added to git-svn.

As a workaround, I have run "git svn create-ignore" and committed the
.gitignore files. This means that I will have to try to remember to do
this again whenever any svn:ignore property changes and changes that
are done in .gitignore files in the downstream "git repository" will
not be considered by svn.


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