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On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 12:44 AM, Rich Pixley <rich.pixley@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Git clearly doesn't have much of that value in the community culture.

And you are clearly delusional.

You don't like git, we get it, can you stop listing the ways git sucks
on every paragraph you write? Thanks.

And here's a lesson about reality; reality doesn't care what you
think. When you say git is X, Y, and Z, that doesn't mean it's true;
that's what you *think*; but what you need to understand is that what
you *think* might be totally wrong.

These are called value judgments, and you should stop assuming your
value judgments are truths, it would make it less annoying for people
to discuss with you (specially on a mailing list about the thing you
are constantly bashing), and it would help you save face when it turns
out you are totally wrong.

tl;dr: value judgments != truths


Felipe Contreras
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