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Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Carlos Martín Nieto <cmn@xxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> Didn't somebody recently rework these messages quite extensively?
>> If you're thinking of me,...
> No, I was referring to f25950f (push: Provide situational hints for
> non-fast-forward errors, 2012-03-20).

If anybody wants to further discuss possible rephrasing of the advice
messages, please do not base your discussion without what was discussed
already in the previous round and what issues need to be taken into

A good text to use as the starting point of your discussion is the advice
messages in 'master'; use c5da24a (Merge branch 'ct/advise-push-default',
2012-04-20) or anything more recent.  Also see

for the discussion that led to the current text.
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