Re: [git] Re: Bug in git-stash(.sh) ?

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On Thu, May 03, 2012 at 02:44:01PM -0400, Eli Barzilay wrote:

> > Once that is fixed, then we can consider whether something more should
> > happen for stash (though I am inclined to say that is enough; it is a
> > feature that you can do "git stash list --date=relative" to see the
> > stash timestamps).
> Since the general problem is bigger, how about just the quick patch of
> adding --date=default in the list_stash function as a stopgap?  That
> seems to be close enough to how it should work anyway.

It is bigger in scope, but the fix is still pretty small. I was trying
to trick^W gently prod you into making a patch, but that does not seem
to have worked. :) So here is a series that fixes it, and we don't have
to worry about a stopgap.

  [1/4]: t1411: add more selector index/date tests
  [2/4]: log: respect date_mode_explicit --format:%gd
  [3/4]: reflog-walk: clean up "flag" field of commit_reflog struct
  [4/4]: reflog-walk: always make HEAD@{0} show indexed selectors

The first two fix and test the bug I mentioned, and as a result solve
the stash problem. The second two fix and test the bug that Junio
mentioned. This doesn't affect stash, but it's the right thing for "git
log" to do.

> > >   * Some new %gi uses the index number: stash@{1}, and %gI produces
> > >     refs/stash@{1}, unrelated to any date setting
> > >   * uses %gi so the output has the numbers
> > >   * Some new option for "stash list" for the format string, so it's
> > >     possible to show the dates if you want to with something like
> > >     git stash list --format:"%gi: %gs (%gd)"
> > 
> > I don't have a huge problem with that. But what issue is it really
> > solving? Are people using "git stash list --date=iso" and then
> > getting confused by the output? Or is it simply a matter of
> > mistakenly applying the config when it should not be? The latter
> > needs fixed in either case.
> It's basically an attempt to have a %gi that is disconnected from date
> options (config or flags), which solves the config problem in a
> trivial way (no date options are used)...

I don't have a problem at all with %gi; I think it would be a good
addition. I just think that stash shouldn't use, as the "--date" thing
is a feature that there is no reason to deny to stash users (it just
needs to be less buggy :) ).

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