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2012/5/3 Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I am not sure if writing down bureaucratic-sounding and rigid rules is the
> best first response to this kind of incident.

I think a WIP/XX branch is nessary in the early phase of new language XX.
If a contributor sent a pull request with a untranslated XX.po, and said,
"Please pull this initial commit to master branch, so that other contributors
may notice a team of XX already exists, and won't translate it twice."
It does make sense, but what if this contributor gives up at last for some
reasons, and left a zero translated XX.po in po/ directory?

Create a WIP/XX branch and merge it back to master branch when the
translation is 100% (or 90%) completed. The WIP/XX branch will be deleted
after that. The overall workflow does not changed, no extra work for l10n
teams, and leave po/README unchanged is OK.

> the first response should be to admit it, i.e. "Sorry, there
> was a miscommunication and gap in understanding among us. I as the i18n
> coordinator should have double checked before responding to pull requests
> to see if there was a consensus within the l10n team for the particular
> language. I'll try to be more careful until we nail the procedure down and
> everybody gets more comfortable with the process."

Yes. I'm sorry about that. I think disallow new l10n support to the maint
branch and later rc phase will solve this problem.

Jiang Xin
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