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> In other systems, this is a simple star network.  Clone a repository, use, push, pull, etc.  But with git, I can't push unless the cache repository is bare, but if the cache repository is bare, then a change to the central repository will cause the two to become wedged since neither can push or fetch the other.  It seems that git is allergic to the dual head branch solution or something, which is surprising and disappointing.

If I understand correctly, you're looking for a system where you have
a lot of systems that needs to share the modifications on their repo
*without* having a central repo. Basically you want a lot of non-bare
repositories pushing/pulling from each others.

It sounds to me that your problem could easily be solved if your
restrict yourself to "pulling" only. Whenever you want the latest
change from repo on machine A, just pull from machine A and benefit
from the automagic merging etc.

Tell me if there's something I'm missing, or maybe describe a simple
scenario we can relate with in terms of ideal commands to type and
things happening.

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