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Scribit Phil Hord dies 30/04/2012 hora 16:39:
> Maybe something like this:
>     [submodule "foo"]
>         path = foo-mod
>         url = ../foo ../foo-alternate

<rant>That is typically the kind of occasion when I wish every config
file were sexprs...</rant>

> But if one of them lags behind the others by a day or even an hour,
> then you may have gitlinks in your superproject which have not made
> it into the lagging mirror yet.  And this will cause problems.

I see your point, but what if your only repository is lagging behind?
I.e. in what way is it worse than now?

> Moreover, each time you clone the repository you may get different
> results.  This would be confusing.

Again, I fail to see the difference with the current state. If the
commit is specified, you will always get the same results, now or with
my suggested addition.

> I don't think there is any need for a new 'clone' command since the
> clone porcelain already understands submodules.

What do you mean? When I clone a repo with submodules, they are not
cloned as well.

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