Re: Bug in git-stash(.sh) ?

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On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 07:59:37PM -0400, Eli Barzilay wrote:

> > How exactly do you make magit generate these calls?  AFAICT, Magit
> > should operate on whatever "git stash list" outputs, meaning
> > stash@{N}. So I guess I'm missing something.
> ... right: the offending configuration I had was = iso.  This
> calls for a simple chane for to use `--date default':
> 	git log --date default --format="%gd: %gs" -g "$@" $ref_stash --

I seem to remember dealing with this once a long time ago. And while
"--date=default" works, it is papering over the symptom of a larger
problem, which is that "log" should not use a non-commandline date to
make the stash selector decision. Searching turned up this discussion:

which led to f4ea32f (improve reflog date/number heuristic, 2009-09-24).
That fixed the case of:

  git config iso
  git log -g --oneline

But later, 8f8f547 (Introduce new pretty formats %g[sdD] for reflog
information, 2009-10-19) added another way to show selectors, and it did
not respect the date_mode_explicit flag from f4ea32f. Which I think is a

So the right solution is to pass the date_mode_explicit flag through to
the pretty-print --format code, and then pass it along to the reflog

> Another point is being able to see these dates, eg, make "stash list"
> show the stash{N} and also show the dates.

You can do so with:

  git stash list --date=iso

but there is no way to do it automatically via config (and indeed, you
can see that it creates problems for scripts when you do so. :) ).

> It looks to me like the date code in get_reflog_selector() should be
> *removed* since it can be printed with "%cd" or "%ad" in the log line.

No, all three are distinct dates. For example, from my git.git reflog:

  $ git log -g --format='%gd / %cd / %ad' --date=short
  HEAD@{2012-04-29} / 2009-09-29 / 2009-09-24

That's a commit (which happens to be f4ea32f) that was written on
2009-09-24 (author date), sent as a patch to the list and applied
upstream on 2009-09-29 (committer date), and reached my HEAD reflog via
"git checkout f4ea32f" three years later.

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