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> Hmm, to me it looks like passing the --reference option to the clone
> run in the submodules doesn't make much sense, as that would make
> all submodules and the superproject use the same alternates. And as
> far as I know sharing objects between different repositories is not
> supported.

I'm sharing objects between repositories by creating a bare
repository, adding the remotes for the repositories and fetch them in
this bare repo.
So for me, it makes sense to pass the "--reference" to the submodules
clone, if submodules remotes are added to this reference bare repo and
objects are already fetched (and I'm in this case, as I use a lot of
different projects that shares the same set of submodules).

>> How can I force the clones for submodules to be executed with the
>> --reference option ?
> You'd have to use "git clone" without the --recursive option and
> then do a "git submodule update --init --reference ...".

Yes, this should make it, but I would have been more happy with a
single command !

Thanks Jens !
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